This Honda CR-V Has The Best VIN Ever And Confirms That God Exists And Is A 9-Year-Old

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Image: Honda/Jason Torchinsky

I know life can be hard sometimes, to the point where you may question even the basic existence of any sort of higher power that rules the universe. This is, of course, entirely understandable. And while I can’t say I know if there is, in fact, any sort of higher power, I think I may have seen the most compelling evidence of one to date: This hilarious VIN on a 2020 Honda CR-V that has pretty much everything one could ever want in it.


I wasn’t the one lucky enough to actually discover this VIN; somehow, a Twitter user named Neokai spotted it, though I’m not sure exactly how. VINs, while visible from the outside of a car, aren’t exactly eye-catching, but maybe the sheer glory of it caused it to cast some sort of unearthly light.

Anyway, here’s the VIN:


Wow. They should have sent a poet. Here’s the original tweet, with photo confirmation:

And, just to be sure that this isn’t some sort of cruel hoax, I looked up the VIN independently, and, yep, it checks out:

Illustration for article titled This Honda CR-V Has The Best VIN Ever And Confirms That God Exists And Is A 9-Year-Old
Screenshot: Driving Test

I should also note that, according to NHTSA, this car has one unrepaired recall, so if this is your car, you better get on that.

Let’s just break down the wildly improbable glory of this Vehicle Identification Number:


First, we start with a seven. A lucky number in many Western cultures, but not really a big deal. That’s fine because the next four characters really sell this: FART.

Yes, FART. The universally-hilarious expulsion of digestion-produced excess gases out of the anus. We’re all familiar with farts. In fact, statistically, at least a few of you are currently farting while reading these very words.


Then we have this remarkable string: 6H90LE. What we have here is a melange of two gloriously sorta-dirty terms: 69, for the Ying Yang-like appearance of the sexual act of mutual oral copulation, and HOLE, which, in the overall fourth-grade-level we’re operating at here, can refer to any number of human biological orifices that can elicit nervous laughter.

The VIN then takes a little pause to elicit a school-bus-level OOO, a delighted exclamation of glee at the mildly inappropriate, and then the VIN lands, defiantly and boldly, with the number 420, widely understood as code for marijuana and all of its associated culture.


Really, this VIN has everything. It’s like everything Elon Musk tweets about wrapped up and engraved on a mass-market Honda crossover. I wouldn’t be surprised if he tracks this CR-V down and buys it for some insane amount of money.

The odds of just getting a FART or 420 in a 17-digit VIN are pretty astronomical. Getting both in one, and the whole 69/HOLE business is just too much for a human brain to comprehend. This has to be some sort of sign.


Is there some higher force telling us to buy Hondas, get high, have mutual oral sex and fart?

It sure seems like it. Why risk it? Seems like a reasonable plan.

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