This Gymkhana Parody In An Old Honda Civic Wagon Is Actually Better Than Gymkhana, And Also Everything

This is better than Gymkhana.

You really need the sound on to appreciate Car Bros’ Ken Block parody, so plug in some headphones and be drenched in the raging straight-piped turbo whoosh of whatever was sampled and edited over the cacophony this Civic wagon would have made normally.


If you’ve seen any car/aftermarket video made for the internet that’s come out in the last three years, you’ll get it. RC cars, drones, engine sounds in the toilet, chains, Grand Theft Auto references, splashing and emojis. It’s all there, fam.

Car Bros has hilariously lampooned those “car flipper” shows, ignorant Ferrari owners, head-to-head car reviews and JDM nerds. Also SEMA. This send up of the #viral #content #millennialcarvids we all go nuts over is one of their best yet.


The sad thing is I think I’d rather drive this manual OG Civic Wagon than a Monster-sticker’d superhatch on a regular basis. Does that make me more meta, or just an idiot?

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Ash78, just done until Kinja is fixed for good

Does that make me more meta, or just an idiot?

Por qué no los dos?