This Guy Thinks He's The Ken Block Of Saudi Arabia

Forget Ken Block, his 600-horsepower Fiesta and San Francisco. That guy's old news. This insanely reckless Saudi Arabian driver is the future of Gymkhana.


Compared to this, Ken's videos are downright boring. They lack the element of danger that comes with drifting your car on public roads, in heavy traffic, and often around other motorists. Professional driver on a closed course? Yawn. The people want to see ludicrous irresponsibility that endangers lives. Hagwalah is the future.

The only problem with this video (besides its awful quality) is that it leaves so many questions unanswered. Who is this driver? Where did he obtain his combination of skill and/or luck? Is he really driving an Aveo? Who's the guy hanging out the back? And why has he not been chased down and assaulted by other drivers?

Do not try this at home. You might lose your head... or your arm

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