This Guy Tattooed 'Because Racecar' On His Chest

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Tattoos: they can be classy, they can be tragic, and they can be on your butthole. Check out this guy, though, that put the great Jalopnik-created car meme "because racecar" right on his chest, where the Internet will always see it.


The hero who is blessed with this tattoo, 06Cobalt2.4, posted pictures on the forums under the header "Thought I'd Make Someone's Day." 06Cobalt2.4, you made everyone's day.

The thread is currently nine pages long, with only a few responses from the original poster. He just defended himself, pointing out that it does indeed say 'RACECAR' not 'RACRCAS.' He continued on page two, "Not a single mommy or daddy issue. Parents make 6 figures each/year. And I got it because racecar, duh. And yes, it's straight and even and centered. Went to Skin Illustrations. My muscles were still twitching right after I got it and took this pic." We do not know quite what the "Die Free" line above is about, though we suppose it could be a mention of "Drive Free or Die," the Jalopnik motto.

Most of the forum members, once they stopped laughing, decided to hate on this guy, but we agree with riceburner, who rightly points out that there are worse tats out there, not the least of which being random Chinese characters and DC logos.

When we are eventually able to tattoo moving images and somebody puts a nyan cat on their forehead, we'll look back on this particular Internet incident fondly.

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The meme, for those of you not aware, came around on these very pages of Jalopnik, specifically our off-topic forum Oppositelock. Hey, don't think I'm making this up; it's on Know Your Meme and everything. It has its own website and has been on a magazine cover, too.


It all came from a Craigslist listing for an old Mazda MX-3, saying that the car had been stripped and modified "because race car."

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Indeed, all questions can be answered with "because racecar."

Why are my hands covered in grease and I have no money for food? Because racecar.


Why do I watch eight hours of hoonage on YouTube every day? Because racecar.

Why am I getting a meme permanently tattooed right on my chest? Because racecar.

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I'll stick up for him a bit, after all, there are many more possibilities that are much worse.

Add to that, it's in a place that will be covered when he needs to look respectable, and it looks like it was tattooed with a steady hand, and it's not that large or extravagant or weirdly placed.

Besides, there are worse memes to use for tattoos.

Have fun browsing!