This Guy Built a Drifting Circuit Around His House Because Hell Yeah He Did

Gif: The New Zealand Herald (YouTube)

If we’re honest, no one truly needs a reason to build a racing circuit on their residential property, there for whenever they feel the need to walk out the front door and tear stuff up. Keeping to that ever-successful life mentality, this New Zealand driver built himself a drifting track right around the edge of his house.


The New Zealand Herald recently visited Takeshi Teruya, who owns a house in the city of Hamilton and did what we all dream of: he built his own drift track around it. Teruya, a 37-year-old mechanic from Japan, went to the Leadfoot Festival held on racer Rod Millen’s hillclimb-style driveway in New Zealand, and came back planning how he could do the same to his driveway.

The product of that is what the New Zealand Herald reports to be a 130-meter drift track that winds tightly around his home, with corners of the house nearly hanging off onto the track in a way that would make anybody representing a homeowners’ insurance company get lightheaded upon seeing it.

In other words, it’s pretty awesome.

Teruya said his neighbors understand his passion for driving and are alright with him having a drifting track so close by, which is important considering that he squeezed it into a rather small amount of land. He also said his wife, Yoshie Teruya, was cool with it, to which she lightheartedly responded, “No, I don’t support it. No one wants to make a circuit around the house. He’s crazy.”

I now imagine that the construction of this track began at about 2 a.m. on a Saturday, and by the time Yoshie Teruya woke up, too much of it was complete for them to dig it all up and put replacement sod down.

True love.

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