Please Do Not Confuse Your New Drift-Inspired Mustang for an Actual Drift Mustang

Ford Mustangs drift. This much we know. But that doesn’t mean that you, an individual with no prior experience, should try drifting your Mustang randomly in public. So when I tell you about the new Series 1 Mustang RTR option, I’m also telling you that you shouldn’t think you automatically become a drift king if you…

A 900-HP Ford Mustang Drifting the Nordschleife Is the Only Nürburgring Lap I Give a Shit About

I remember I tried drifting the entire length of the Nürburgring in Forza once. I rage-quit an eighth of the way through. But apparently, if you’re professional drifter and Formula Drift champion Vaughn Gittin Jr., you don’t need an Xbox. You can do the real thing in a 900-horsepower, modified Ford Mustang.

I Went Street Drifting With The Front Street Crew and It Fucking Sucked

“Are you writing this up already?” they asked as I did some other busywork in the hotel room, the morning coming to a close in the hotel room the day after. “No, should I?” Tom from the Front Street drift crew offered a headline: “I went street drifting with the Front Street Crew and it fucking sucked.” To be fair, it…