This Forza Horizon 2 Storm Island Trailer Is Like Cocaine In Your Coffee

Truck YeahThe trucks are good!

The detail on this incredible lineup of trucks and rally cars, the dramatic terrain and strikingly rendered weather... Holy crap, this jaw-dropping Forza Horizon 2 Storm Island trailer makes me want to rip my shirt off and take a race-prepped Ford Ranger off a jump. Which I could do if I got this game.


Forza proved they were committed to the off-road element of racing with some great vehicles and dirt courses in the initial Horizon 2 release, but this Storm Island expansion looks like it's taking the off-tarmac action to a whole 'nother level.

Here's a gameplay clip of what they call "Rampage Mode," with commentary from the developers who made it happen:

And here's what the game's Creative Director Ralph Fulton calls "one of the most extreme races that we've ever had in the Forza franchise before:"

The Storm Island expansion pack will be available on XBox One has downloadable content starting December 16th, 2014.



Wonder how much of this footage was actually rendered on the xbox one. Like all of Forza footage in the past year I'd venture its a high end pc actually producing these gameplay videos.