Forza Horizon 2 Off-Road Gameplay Looks Beautiful, Is The Realism Right?

Truck YeahThe trucks are good!

Here's one of the first off-road gameplay clips from upcoming-shortly Forza Horizon 2. It's visually gorgeous, and I think the physics look just arcadey enough to make the game casually accessible while getting a handle on the floaty feel of fast off-road driving. Is it what you expected?


The game comes out in a little over a week, but demos are already being played and vetted by gamers all over the place. Looks like this one's from Portugal, but you get the idea even if you can't read the text.

I've been excited for Forza Horizon 2 since hearing they were going to make a solid effort in the off-road space. With an in-car camera that detailed and an off-road lineup that includes the Ford Raptor, Rally Fighter, Bowler Range Rover, and Mopar Ram Runner this might have to go on our next "All-Time Best Off-Road Games" list.


You know what will happenen when you drive through a vineyard in a mountainous area? You will hit rocks, vines and the structures supporting them. Which means you will get stopped by these things and ruin your car. Realism points 0/10. Off to the principal's office for explanation too.

Here's a video for illustration purposes