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This is a Chevy Low Cab Forward 4500HD. As far as uninspiring car names go, this slots somewhere between the Ford Model A and Toyota Van. I think it’s beautiful.

Sure, it’s just a flat-nosed Isuzu repurposed for the American market. Sure, it’s destined to be used for appliance-like jobs with big boxes on the back. None of the engines are even particularly exciting, unless big-pistoned turbodiesels are your thing. No judgement.


There are almost no aesthetic choices that were obviously made for the purposes of arousing anyone. The minimal styling is reserved for the angled headlights and grille, and even then, there’s not much.

I love it. I love everything about it, from the almost perfectly symmetrical rear door (a rare thing) to the big black mirrors. The cab even lifts at a 45-degree angle to reveal the motor for anyone wanting to make quick repairs.

I was looking for another photo of this when I realized that Jason wrote about these last year. I can’t even tell what changes they made for 2016. Probably very few. That’s fine. It’s perfect.


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