Chevy's New Line Of Cabover Trucks Are Just Isuzus

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As a lifelong devotee of the concept of sitting on your engine, I was delighted to hear the news that Chevy is getting back into the “low cab-forward truck” business. I was a little less delighted to find that instead of some exciting new cabovers to scrutinize, they’re just slapping some bowties on Isuzus. Oh well.

So, even though I was hoping for some new, ideally bizarre-looking cabover truck, I can’t be too upset these Isuzus are getting a new outlet and venue for sales, because they are really well-designed, practical vehicles. As Chevrolet’s press release reminds us:

Along with the Isuzu-badged versions, the Chevrolet models will be the only low cab forward trucks in the North American market to offer a gas-powered powertrain. Additional features include:

• Excellent visibility and maneuverability – especially in urban environments.

• Easy driver entry and exit.

• Chassis lengths ranging from 109 inches to 212 inches.

• Compatibility with a variety of body types, including refrigerated box, stake/flat bed and service bodies.

• Easy-access engine compartment with 45-degree-tilting cab.

Cabovers (or cab forwards, as they like to say) are just wonderfully rational vehicle designs — all of the vehicle’s length can be used for crew or cargo, with no long hood sucking up valuable real estate and getting in the way of everything.

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The trucks will offer the exact same drivetrain options as the Isuzu ones — a gasoline GM-sourced 6L V8 and two four-banger diesels, one 3L and one 5.2L. Really, these Chevy trucks are these Isuzu trucks. Isuzu is partnered with GM who has a significant ownership stake, and through the mathematical black-magic of badge-engineering, somehow money is made for all parties involved.

Actually, I guess there is a difference in the two trucks — look at those wheels! They’re somewhat different! Isuzu seems to offer chromed ones, while Chevy is going for a more restrained painted wheel. There’s the market differentiator you wanted!

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Really, though I think Chevy needs to take things a step further, and use this cabover platform to make a new, cheap, workhorse pickup truck. Cheaper and more useful than a Silverado, perfect for people who don’t need a big dumb hood to make them feel tough.


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The problem with cab-overs is maintenance. Every time you check the oil, your shit goes everywhere and you’ve got a big gulp all over the windshield. I’ll keep my hood and crumple zones, thanks. Real estate isn’t that valuable in this country.