This Ferrari Is Actually A Bike

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The geniuses behind the aluminum foil Porsche 911 have reemerged with a Ferrari FXX clone that's actually a bicycle. It's called the Fahrradi Farfalla FXX and it's the coolest bike I've ever seen.


I'd argue this is better than the Ferrari FXX, which cost $1.8 million and wasn't street legal. You weren't even allowed to keep it in your garage. The Fahrradi, however, can be driven anywhere your feet can take you.

Why Fahrradi FXX? The team at Mimikcry say they combined the "German word 'Fahrrad', which means bicycle, and "i" which is borrowed from the Apple society."

Sure, that makes perfect sense.

Here's the explanation of the concept:

Unlike Ferdinand, however, the Fahrradi is not a copy of an existing car model, but rather the anticipation of a future top model of an actually existing automobile brand.

The external form of the vehicle is the result of Internet research into various real and fictive design ideas about what this vehicle could look like, but also our own ideas of design and, not least of all, a substantial portion of clairvoyance.

Having learned a lot from the aluminum Porsche, the new vehicle features a built-in butterfly mechanism that moves the winged doors while driving as if they were insect wings. Like other bikes, the FXX is street legal if not painfully slow.

Our favorite bit? The video for the new car is a perfect parody of the SLS AMG tunnel commercial with slightly less realistic special effects.


Because this is an art project and not a commercial one, the vehicle was on display at the LENTOS Museum of Art in Linz earlier this year. We'd still be tempted to buy one.


Photo Credit: Manfred Lang Photography, Erich Goldman, Ion Comborado



I'd rather have a Ferrari that is actually a motorcycle.