Artist Builds Aluminum Foil Porsche, Takes It On Track

What''s better than building the world's slowest Porsche 911 (yes, it's definitely slower than this 912) out of aluminum foil, cardboard and a cycle cart? Putting it on a track. Bizzare video below.


This is the most genius spoof of both Porsche and the modern sports car we've ever seen. Currently on display at the Museum of Art Linz in Austria, the Ferdinand GT3 RS is essentially a Porsche 911 made from aluminum foil, cardboard and a cycle cart. Watching it drive around the Salzburgring track at super slow speeds — powered only by foot pedals — is like seeing a Porsche promo video in bizarro world.

But, if this is modern art, we want more. (Hat tip to z0iid!)

[Ferdinand "Official" Site]

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