The World's Worst Electric Porsche

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The 1968 Porsche 912 is a thing of beauty. But what if you neuter one with a barely-60-MPH-top-speed-generating 12 HP electric motor? Not this. Instead, here's how one Hollywood producer turned a Porsche into a slower-than-a-Prius electric pile of compost.

Despite its enduring good looks, this 912 delivers a moniker-appropriate but utterly snooze-inducing 12 HP from its D&D Motor Systems ES-31B Type 72-144. You can click through the gallery above to see just how they sullied this fine German automobile.


This electric Porsche was built at the behest of an environmentally conscious film director who apparently had no place to go quickly and no better way to spend his money. Believe it or not the thing took five years and $59,000 to build. We spotted it via the eBay listing where it's being sold on the claim of limited parking, though we'd suspect it's more to do with a 60 MPH top speed and a range between 30 and 40 miles.

This leads us to an important question: Is it more important to look cool or go fast? Alternately, is having the bite to back up the bark important? Absolutely, and shame on these people for taking a sports car already on the low-end of performance and absolutely massacring it.

[eBay listing]

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Jonathan Harper

Keep you're slow electrified Porsche but please, oh please, give me more of your reluctantly posing, out of place with the 'lectric Porsche, girlfriend.

She looks like a nice girl. :)

No really, keep the car.