This Fake Rust BMW i8 Is Very Upsetting

 Screengrabs via YouTube
Screengrabs via YouTube

Look at this. Look at this shit.

I’ve seen some bad wraps. Hell, SEMA 2016 just ended and there were some, er, questionable design choices there. But I kept silent. With this, I cannot anymore.

This is a BMW i8 that MetroWrapz and zachonthat customized for Austin Mahone (I had to look him up, too). It’s supposed to have a rusted-out look. It’s wearing gold Vossen rims. The two clash magnificently.

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A closer examination of MetroWrapz’s Facebook page yields another “Rust Bucket” wrap and that one looks okay!

Besides for fashion, the only other fathomable reason I can come up with for aesthetically rusting an i8 is because it won’t rust in real life. Here’s a look at its chassis:

The rest of it is made from carbon fiber, aluminum and plastic.

I just... ugh. Take it away. I don’t want to see it.

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bare copper, from this

to this, and it’s diesel, and a fully working concept too