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Nearly a year ago, we first alerted you to the danger that the caribou-addled Francophone Fascists running the Quebec police posed to cars that were way too hellaflush, y0. And now the inevitable has happened, as this guy’s car was just literally expelled from Quebec.


From our friends at Montreal Racing:

The Surête du Québec intercepted this Ontario-plated Lexus IS 300 Saturday on Highway 15 near Blainville. According to the owner, Matt Brunet who lives in the Ottawa area, the police stopped him because of the “Hellaflush” look of his vehicle (stretched tires, high negative camber).

The officer informed Brunet that he had called for a second officer (presumably one more informed with regard to modified vehicles) to come and inspect the vehicle. Upon arriving, the second officer said he was not going to let him leave and that the vehicle would either be impounded or towed out of province. Obviously the second option was chosen and that put an end to Brunet’s trip where was going to attend the Low Level car show in St-Hyacinthe. His wheels are 18×9.5 and the tires are 215/40/18.


It’s like Quebec is the hotel in Dirty Dancing right now, except instead of dancing that’s banned, it was hilarious taste in modification. Taste which was so hilarious, in fact, that the car was sent all the way back to Ontario.

Will no one save the most downtrodden of this Earth, those who are just too fully sikkkk? Sure, they may be mired in sikkkkness and poor health, but I’m not sure it’s contagious.

H/t and photo courtesy of Montreal Racing!

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