'The 2011 Saab 9-5 Is A Little Hard To Classify'

I was taking my dog on a walk the other day when someone drove by in the last Saab 9-5. Boy, did that car turn my head. It's definitely not something you see every day.


Odds are, we won't ever see it again, sadly. Though Saab's new Chinese owners are supposedly planning a revival, their plans should be taken with a large grain of salt. Until then, we're left with the final 9-5, a big, bold, dramatic sedan that gets put through its paces in this MotorWeek test.

The car didn't do terribly great on the track, and it has "some of the worst looking fake wood we've seen in years," but it proved to be an adept backroad companion.

Plus, it looks cool as all hell. I hope the 9-5's current owners are enjoying them, and appreciating their many, many quirks.

MotorWeek Theater is our showcase of some of our favorite classic reviews from public television's finest motoring program. How does this video only have 53,374 views? It's Saab-o-riffic!


This car has been on ebay forever, and it really confuses me.