This Audi Flew 230 Feet And Nearly Shot Over The Swiss Border

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Dear Audi driver: there must have been a better way to cross the France-Switzerland border than somersaulting your car into the air to get over it, right? Yeah? No? Okay, fine.


Actually, what you're looking at is the scene of an accident that occurred last week in France near the town of Thônex in Switzerland, right on the border between the two countries. The Tribune de Genéve reports that the French-registered Audi crashed into a angled guardrail at a high speed, which sent the car soaring into the sky over a currency exchange. They say he didn't see the guardrail coming because he was trying to set his GPS system. (Are we sure he's not an English soccer player?)

In total, the Audi driver traveled a distance 70 meters, or about 230 feet, and went about 15 feet off the ground, the newspaper claims. He does not appear to have been successful at crossing that border.

The good news is that he and his passenger were unharmed, and according to border guards, were completely unaware of what happened to them.

Audis, man. They're tough.


Photo credit Swiss Border Guard

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