English Soccer Player Leaves $160,000 Porsche Stuck In The Mud

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Hey, what's a $160,000 Porsche Panamera Turbo or two when you're an English soccer star? They must be a dime a dozen to guys like Andre Wisdom, the captain of England's Under 21 team, who had to ditch his Panamera stuck tire deep in mud after being led astray by bad GPS directions.

Navigation systems, man. They'll nail you every time.

Wisdom, who plays a sport known as "football" in other parts of the world, found himself in the British newspapers for all the wrong reasons after outlets like the Daily Mirror reported that he got the Porsche stuck in the mud on his way to a Saturday game at Pride Park.

He's new to the area, and when he plugged in the directions to the park in the Porsche's nav system, he was led down a mud-filled backroad where the car got stuck nice and deep.


We can make fun all we want, but this does sound pretty unfortunate and I feel bad for the guy. The good news is that after calling his team to explain what happened, he got himself to the park in time to play.

A Jeep Cherokee later towed the Panamera out of the mud, and it was seen driving away "emitting a massive cloud of white smoke", a witness told the newspaper. What, they don't make Porsches that can run on mud yet?

Thanks for the tips everyone!

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The correct name is "football", not "soccer".