This Acura NSX Is The Quintessential '90s Dream Car Made Even Better

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The original Acura NSX has this look that’s simultaneously so 1990s yet still very sexy. Definitely not “timeless,” but I can’t imagine a time when this car won’t look good. Especially when it’s been modified in just the right ways like this one.

Watch pro drifter and friend of Jalopnik Chris Forsberg tool around in this beauty and break down what makes it special.

The car was rescued from wreckage with over 200,000 miles on the odometer to be turned into a pretty marketing tool for the Clarion car audio company.


They’re in the process of trying to sell more aftermarket equipment directly to consumers, so they’re setting up a few iconic enthusiast favorites to raise their profile.

We got to spend some time with their BMW 2002, and this Acura is just as clean. The stereo system is undoubtedly amazing (the screen setup certainly looks cool) and the exhaust note, otherwise known as “the other sound system,” is distinctive for sure.


To be honest I don’t think I’m crazy about the angry buzz generated by the stainless AEM exhaust system but the fire-spitting effect is pretty sweet.


The OG NSX is only getting cooler. Glad this one was saved from the scrap heap to become something special.