This 2018 Toyota Supra Brochure Is A Big Fake

Look, we’re all wondering what the 2018 Toyota Supra will look like, scrutinizing the pictures of the camouflaged test mules and commissioning renderings with money from a paper route we took just for this purpose. Sometimes this eagerness makes us do foolish things. Things like our friends at Motor1 saying that an allegedly leaked brochure is the “real deal.”


Oh, honey, no.

Motor1 says they found the brochure posted on this Serbian website. Sure, at a quick glance, it could be a brochure for the 2018 Supra, save for a few key details: that’s not a Supra on the cover, and it in no way looks like something from 2017.

First, let’s cover the issue of the car close-up shot on the cover. That’s not a new Supra, that’s Toyota’s FT-1 concept car. Odds are the Supra will take a lot of styling cues from the concept, but probably not with headlamps that extreme-looking.


Specifically, the graphite one shown in 2014. In fact, I think the cover image may be this image, flipped and tweaked a bit in Photoshop:


Then we get to the look-and-feel of the brochure itself. This thing, with its brushed-metal background, that hand-brushed old Supra logo, and the overall design aesthetic looks very 1990s or so. Same with the awkward “The Sports of Toyota” tagline, which is a thing Toyota used back in the day. In fact, it looks a hell of a lot like what Toyota was putting out in the mid-late 1990s:


Plus, the tagline “Fun to drive, again,” dates from around 2011, according to Motor1 themselves. 

Maybe even more telling is a close look at the specs. According to these, because it’s a BMW-Toyota joint project, it takes its motors from the current crop of 3 and 4 Series cars. But the numbers sure are a letdown for what’s supposed to be a high-performance machine. The brochure says the base model will have a 2.0-liter turbo engine making a very, very 1990s-feeling 192 horsepower, similar to a 320i.


Anyone who thinks the new Supra will be launched making less horsepower than a Toyota 86 probably shouldn’t be left alone with anything sharp. It also says the range-topping Supra model will have 340 HP, which was a whole lot back when Zubaz pants were a thing but isn’t much to write home about today.

Look, we’re all jazzed about the Supra, but that doesn’t mean we have to believe every bit of Serbian bullshit that floats our way. Let’s keep our heads on, friends.



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