Thirteen supercars in "rich kid street race" could be seized and sold

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The teen drivers arrested for racing 13 supercars worth $2 million in Vancouver this week — in what we've dubbed the "rich kid street race" — face just a small fine and suspended licenses. But Canadian authorities may have a far tougher punishment coming — seizing and selling their rides.

The race in British Columbia involved speeds of up to 125 mph on freeways; witnesses said two of the group would block traffic while the rest raced. Among the cars impounded: three Lamborghini Gallardos, three Nissan GT-Rs, two Maserati GranTurismos, an Audi R8, an Aston Martin DB9, a Ferrari 599, a Mercedes AMG SL63 and a Mercedes SLS AMG.


The Royal Canadian Mounted Police impounded the vehicles for seven days, and the drivers — several students from a nearby exclusive boarding school, many of whom didn't have a full drivers' license and had a green "N" sticker on the rear window — had to pay for impound costs and a $196 fine.

But Canadian law allows the mounties to seize and sell vehicles involved in "dangerous driving" — the definitions for which includes driving 50 kilometers per hour over the speed limit. That's what happened to two men in 2008 caught racing a Ferrari 430 and a BMW M6 in Vancouver; their cars were sold for $100,000.

RCMP Supt. Norm Gaumont told CBC that police are "going to be looking at seizing the vehicles for good," if they can prove a dangerous driving charge. Even if only a couple of the supercars are taken from their owners, that's a lot of horses in Dudley Do-Right's corral.

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filth Farker

By all means, take these cars away from these rich, Asian kids and give them to the government because that's totally justice for the horrific and unforgivable crime of going 125. It's only by divine Providence that no one was killed, or at least maimed. It's a well known fact that cars often explode or go back in time at anything over 88, and the resulting fires kill all the puppies in the area and support terrorism. As a free society, we MUST seize and sell these luscious, awesome rides that these kids (did I mention that they are rich and Asian?) totally don't deserve.