The most enjoyable cars aren’t always the best cars. Here’s 10 less than fantastic machines we wouldn’t mind owning, but don’t tell anyone.

10.) Smart Roadster


The Smart Roadster was so bad that Daimler had to stop production because of the high amount of warranty claims and mechanical issues consumers faced. But hey, it’s a mid-engined, rear wheel drive, open top roadster! That’s worth a lot in my book.

Suggested By: Miss Mercedes smart Expert, Photo Credit: mihae via Wikipedia

9.) Hummer H1

As you’ve seen third hand through Doug Demuro’s escapades with his own Hummer, it’s not exactly one of the best cars you could buy. Especially if you live in a city. But who wouldn’t want the ability to drive over almost anything and everything at will?

Suggested By: drivingmsdaisycrazy, Photo Credit: Hummer via Alden Jewell

8.) Mitsubishi Mirage


The Mitsubishi Mirage is one of the most affordable cars in America and also one of the most enjoyable for its price point, but you can’t ignore that fact that it is largely a crapbox.

Suggested By: KomradKickass, Photo Credit: Mitsubishi

7.) Lotus Esprit


Though the Lotus Esprit isn’t the most powerful sports car of its time, or the most reliable, or the prettiest, or the most practical, or the best by any means, it’s an attractive beast which I would love to own. I wish I knew why.

Suggested By: 8695Beaters, Photo Credit: Ad Meskens via Wikipedia

6.) Chevrolet SSR


For a long time the Chevrolet SSR has been put down and shit on by enthusiasts and consumers alike because of what they think it is and what they think it tries to be, but I say we give the SSR a break. It’s a damn RWD, convertible pick-up truck with an enclosed bed! And they’re rare. And they were available with a manual. And weird. How bad could they really be?

Suggested By: Viperfan1, Photo Credit: GM

5.) Land Rover Range Rover


Buying an early Range Rover today is just asking for trouble. There’s a reason why Land Rover as a brand is known for their unreliability, and it largely stems from Range Rover’s early stabs at the 4x4 market.

Though the Range Rover didn’t originate as a complete luxury SUV, it was more complex and a completely new model from other Land Rover models. And its looks definitely hold up today.


Suggested By: Chris Perkins, Photo Credit: Draco2008 via Flickr

4.) Yugo GV


Because of the GV’s quirky Eastern European personality and red-star spirit, the lack of appreciation they receive in their homeland often translates into want and desire for enthusiasts everywhere else in the world.

Suggested By: DennyCraneDennyCraneDennyCrane, Photo Credit: Michael Gil via Flickr


3.) Subaru Brat


At first glance, the Subaru Brat looks like another run-of-the-mill, shitty compact pickup truck from the eighties, but there’s more to it than that. It’s a shitty, shitty compact pickup truck from the eighties with TWO SEATS IN THE BED.

Suggested By: Nick, Photo Credit: dwstucke via Flickr

2.) Toyota HiAce 4x4


An egg-shaped minivan with the ability to take you places you would never have thought a minivan would’ve been able to take you. And you could probably even set it up as a comfortable living space! If I’m going to get a minivan (which I’m not), I’m going to go for the one that can take me anywhere.

Suggested By: KentB27, Photo Credit: Aspiriniks via Wikipedia

1.) Delorean DMC-12


DeLoreans are undeniably beautiful and unique cars, but between their awful reliability, terrible quality, low power output and lack of available replacement parts (though that’s gotten better recently) it’s one of the worst cars one could choose to buy. But who cares, it’s a fucking DeLorean.

Suggested By: Vintage1982Benz, Photo Credit: DeLorean via Alden Jewell

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Top Photo Credit: Lotus

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