These Twin Turbo Ford GTs Are The Fastest Street Cars In The World

There are many ways to measure the fastest car in the world, and running to over 283 miles an hour in a standing mile certainly tops out one of them. Welcome to the Badd GT, which the world's speed freaks can now buy.


Let's briefly go over what a Badd GT is. These are twin-turbo Ford GTs built by Johnny Bohmer, owner of Performance Power Racing in West Palm Beach. Horsepower? 1800. Quarter mile? 9 seconds. Standing mile? 283.232 miles per hour, next to a Lockheed F-104 Starfighter. The Badd GT is a world record holder, and, since it's street legal, the fastest street car in the world, though Bugatti and Hennessey might quibble about that.

In any case, Performance Power Racing is building six of these things for sale. Just to sweeten the deal, you get some extras along with the car.

You get trained to run over 200 miles an hour. You get to ride along at 250 miles an hour. You also get to run at 150 miles an hour on a racing boat, for some reason. You also get a two-year warranty. The whole buyer's guide is here, but the boat thing is the best part.

And it doesn't stop there. The Miss Gieco Offshore Racing Team wants in on the action. You will be introduced to the entire Miss Gieco Offshore Power Boat Racing Team, who hold multiple speed records and world championship titles. You will personally pilot the Miss Gieco Race Boat with throttle man Scotty Begovich at over 150 mph. Your family has the opportunity to participate as well. One member may ride along in the race boat while the rest follow along in a chase boat.

The price isn't listed, so I can't tell you if this is some million-plus plaything for the ultra rich, or if this priced to rival Ferraris and McLarens only with metric craptons more power.

Read more on the car at the Badd GT website right here.


Photo Credits: Badd GT


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