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Ford GT Sets New World Record, Takes This Rad Photo

Illustration for article titled Ford GT Sets New World Record, Takes This Rad Photo

How did you memorialize setting a new world record for Fastest Standing Mile in a street car at 283.232 miles per hour? You take a totally-rad photo flanked by a Lockheed F-104 Starfighter, of course.


The car is the BADD GT run by Johnny Bohmer, owner of Performance Power Racing. It's got over 1,700 horsepower, which was enough to re-break its standing mile record.

How did they get the F-104 fighter jet, though? Rather than run their car at the usual standing-mile state of Texas, this BADD GT ran at NASA's Kennedy Space Center Shuttle Landing Facility. It's not just a great place for top-speed testing, but it's the home to Starfighters, Inc.


Breaking the street car standing mile record and running against a supersonic fighter jet: how cool is that?

Photo Credit: Performance Power Racing

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