These Special Edition Nissan Patrols Are Making Splash Decals Cool Again

Photos: Nissan
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We’ve been really hard on what Nissan has been doing with its stateside lineup lately, but it’s not our fault they save the coolest stuff for other markets. It’s been knocking its off-road stuff out of the park recently, first with bringing back the XTerra for everyone but us, and now with these rad Nissan Patrol special editions.

While you could technically buy what’s basically a Nissan Patrol underneath by getting an Infiniti QX80 or Nissan Armada, you’re still going to miss out on Nissan’s latest Middle-East special—these sick-ass colorful splash decals.


These Patrol special editions were supposedly inspired by a falcon and a gazelle, which is why the three new trims are named after those animals. The Falcon is the plain-looking one, the Gazelle is the brown one, and the Gazelle-X is the awesome red one. I think it would be cooler if the red one was for the falcon, just because the red splatter reminds me of a falcon’s predatory instincts.

Anyway, the tamest-looking of the three, the Falcon, gets a chrome bumper, LED light bar, black wheel arches and spoiler, a chrome gas can, and chromed exhaust. Inside, it gets tan leather seats and a refrigerator.


The Patrol Gazelle gets an air snorkel, red and black special shocks, a two-inch lift, front winch, blackened grille and light housings, the word G A Z E L L E across the hood, and a roof spoiler designed to hold flags while driving—the best part is the flags are included! This thing is going to steal the show at Radwood 2043. Inside, the Gazelle gets tan leather seats and accents.


The Patrol Gazelle-X is like the Gazelle, but more. It gets additional custom steel front and rear bumpers with a customized front skid plate, a hood scoop, a roof rack, 30-inch light bar and little cube LED lights on the bumper, red-rimmed wheels, and a spare tire carrier and tow hooks in the back.

Inside this one are tan and black leather seats, a tow rope, sand ramp and an emergency off-roading kit, and a caged third row for your captured gazelle, the life force of which the vehicle gets its power from, and hence its name, I assume.


All of them have the 4.8-liter inline-six with 280 horsepower and 333 lb-ft of torque, four-wheel drive and it’s available in automatic or five-speed manual! Splash decals are back, baby.

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