It's too easy to just take supercars and put them in the dystopian world that is to come. It's also too easy to put them into the cyberpunk world that is to come. Or really, any of those futures. What's better is all of those futures, blended together to make a beautiful whole. That's what British artist Khyzyl Saleem did, and the result is fantastic and wonderfully unique.


Khyzyl starts with an image of a particularly fast and beautiful car, like the SLS up top, or the Sauber C9 above, and then builds a vertiable world on top of it. The SLS has drift-inspired touches, with sponsorship and fat tires. The Sauber, the choice of any true connoisseur, looks like it's being used by the fastest special forces in the world for terrifying midnight raids.

The already incredibly futuristic McLaren P1 is thrust forward a century, its fat rear tires replaced by what is apparently a jury-rigged hover mechanism:

Tom Cruise's red Lexus had nothing on this.


Oh, and since no art is complete without some sort of shame somewhere along the way, Khyzyl, of Manchester, UK, is only 21. And he told The Verge he only started using photoshop four years ago:

When his dad brought home a copy of the software, Saleem dove in, determined to learn everything he could about it. Inspired by artists like Danny LuVisi and Arron Beck, he started making his own crazy landscapes and characters. "I became so determined to learn how to paint; it was beginning to feel like a chore, so I took a step back and decided to work on something more personal that I wouldn't get bored of," he explains.


Khyzyl, please never ever get bored of this. It's fantastic, and when Caterham inevitably becomes the biggest carmaker in the world following the Great Giggling Plague of 2047, they'll need designers just like you.

Go see more of his work over at his website and at The Verge.

Images credit: Khyzyl Saleem

H/t to The Verge!

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