The Ten Best Movie Future Cars

We love the wild interpretations of what cars of the future will be like in the movies. These are ten of our favorites.

10.) Audi RSQ From I, Robot


The great thing about this Audi concept designed for the movie is that it previewed a lot of the design language of the second generation TT and R8. What's cooler than a future car you could put in your garage?

Suggested By: SmugAardvark, Photo Credit: Audi

9.) Everything From Death Race 2000

A Corvette, a Karmann Ghia, a Fiat 850 Spyder, and a Manta Mirage all done up to race cross country and kill people? Sure, why not.

Suggested By: SidewaysOnDirt, Photo Credit: New World Pictures

8.) Durango 95 (Probe 16) From A Clockwork Orange


This 1969 British concept car was designed to be as extreme as possible, making it the perfect accessory for the old ultra-violence in Stanley Kubrick's 1971 film.

Suggested By: Brian Steih, Photo Credit: Edvvc

7.) Flying Taxi From Fifth Element


Korban Dalla's taxi is great in combining various familiar elements of older cars in a way that make it seems futuristic and dystopic.

Suggested By: AdmiralAkbar, Photo Credit: Columbia Pictures

6.) Stratos Zero From Moonwalker


When Michael Jackson's bizarre 1988 extended music video movie thing needed a futuristic looking car for the Smooth Criminal sequence, they went back to 1970 and got the Marcello Gandini designed Lancia Stratos Zero concept.

Suggested By: DennyCraneDennyCraneDennyCrane, Photo Credit: Warner Brothers via IMCDB


5.) Ford Taurus From Robocop


It's hard to think of a first-gen Taurus as being futuristic now but back in 1987 it looked like nothing else on the road, making it the perfect cop car for dystopic Detroit of the future. Honorable mention goes to the 6000 S.U.X.

Suggested By: SolamenteDave, Photo Credit: Orion Pictures

4.) Light Runner From Tron: Legacy


Regardless of what you thought of the Tron reboot you can't deny the Daniel Simon designed Light Runner is gorgeous. In fact, all of Simon's vehicles in the film are incredible.

Suggested By: ghost650, Photo Credit: Walt Disney Studios .Sverige via YouTube

3.) Lexus 2054 From Minority Report


Alright Lexus, you've got 40 years to do this. Make it happen and yes, you can add a spindle grille if you like.

Suggested By: Titan-E34, Photo Credit: Lexus

2.) V8 Interceptor From Mad Max


The V8 Interceptor from the original Mad Max has become an absolute icon. The best example of a (then) current day car being modified for the dystopic future.

Suggested By: Spacegrass, Photo Credit: Warner Brothers via IMCDB

1.) Spinners From Blade Runner


The 1980s version of the dystopic future is truly is the best vision of the dystopic future. These flying cars designed by Gene Winfield were so iconic, they appeared in Back To The Future Two and the Star Wars prequels.

Suggested By: Mini_Fantastic, Photo Credit: Warner Brothers

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Top Photo Credit: Lexus

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