These Are Your Wildest (and Most Hilarious) Car Buying Stories

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Buying a car is usually a pretty big deal. Even if it’s just going to be one to add to your collection of beaters that make your backyard look like a graveyard of better days, there are so many factors that go into the buying experience—and sometimes, it can just get straight up weird.


But when I asked y’all to share your most bizarre car buying experiences, well. I still managed to find myself a little shocked that some of this shit is actually real.

Sit down, buckle up, and get ready to thank your lucky stars you’re not some of these poor souls.

Nothing... Weird? (Follow The Trail Of Head Gaskets)

Honestly, I don’t believe it. Sounds impossible.

This Car is on Fire (skeffles)

That’ll really ruin your day


Make Yourself at Home (Bo Darville)

What a kind human.


Ghost Sale (PhillyITGuy)

But were you really sure?


Back and Forth (MaineAssassin)

I gotta wonder if this guy was just sitting on CL, waiting for his chance.


Speak Slower (golfball)

This has gotta be the strangest time diverting tactic I’ve ever heard of.


Strip it Bare (Busslayer)

No, seriously. Find the drugs.


Sweet, Sweet Success (az15vwgti)

Boy, I hope you thanked all your lucky stars after that one.


An Impressive Level of Mismanagement (TadKosciuszko)

I mean honestly, do they really think people are dumb enough to fall for that?


Impressive Salesmanship (anacanapana)

Me if I was a car salesman.


Hunned Dolla Bills (Scootin159)

This is one of those situations where you don’t want to think about it too hard.


Weirdest Finance Manager Ever (My bird IS the word)

I feel like that’s an incredible way to guarantee a never-gonna-repeat-here customer.


A Mere $25 (Highlander-Mazda now with rust)

Your patience is fable-worthy.


Strong Negotiating Tactics (ReggieDunlop)

Who could turn down an offer like that?

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Pro tip: never buy a used car from a russian truck driver who lives in the middle of a strawberry field.

*takes notes*