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I have been spending far too much time on Bring A Trailer and Craigslist lately. It’s time. It’s time I start carefully curating a garage of very terrible vehicles that only a mother (or me) could love. But, uh, folks—there’s some real weird buying caveats out there.


Which reminded me of buying my Mazda 2. In the process of taking it out for a test drive, the sales associate started yelling “pull over pull over!” and pointing at a grocery store parking lot somewhere in San Antonio. Seconds later, he’s out of the car on the phone, calling in details to the dealership of a seemingly random car sitting in the lot. Turns out, it was one that had been stolen from the lot over a month ago. It just so happens that we found it while I was driving my soon-to-be car.

And that got me thinking—that’s gotta be pretty tame. With all these person-to-person car sales going on, there’s gotta be some weird shit going on out there. I know people will have weird terms of sale. I know some very sketchy human will have tried to do some very sketchy things. I know I can’t even imagine all the funky stuff that could go on.

So, let me know. Tell me all of the weirdest shit that’s happened to you while you were buying a car.

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