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These Are Your Best Automotive Tattoos

Illustration for article titled These Are Your Best Automotive Tattoos
Photo: J Pat Carter (AP)

Back in the day, Jack London proudly proclaimed, “show me a man with a tattoo and I’ll show you an interesting past”. I’ve always firmly believed you can tell a lot about someone just by looking at what they choose to put on their body, and that’s why last week I asked to see your best automotive tattoos. I thought y’all might have some really interesting ones, and you definitely did not disappoint.


So for all of you passionate enough to stick a car, a logo, or even a track outline on your body, this one’s for you.

Words Of A Legend (Jonathon Klein)

If it’s Mario Andretti approved, then you know it’s gotta be good.


Mustang Superfan (Mustangbear)

This is the kind of dedication I love to see.

Detroit Motor City (Kayzel)

A perfect match for Detroit’s legacy.


Unlimited Speed (CallMeTURBO)

Please, everyone, drive the Autobahn if you get a chance.


7-Slot Jeep (KingKongBundyIsMyDad)

The back of the hand is super clever for this one!


A Badge And A Name (majordoomage)

Tattoos with this kind of double meaning are something special.


Oldsmobile (ttopolds)

True love is getting your favorite brand tattooed on your arm to cherish forever.


Simple Tread (vanfan)

A great idea for an all-around motorhead.


Sopwith Camel (10001010)

This one is just all-around neat.


Track Memories (Donnie Petrunak)

A memorable tat for a very memorable moment.


Little Big Fun (Acrimonious Mofo)

Nothing is more special than your first car!


Home Track Love (Little Black Coupe Turned Silver)

I love keeping a little piece of the track with you even when you’re not driving.


Road Trip! (eurocarfanatic21)

I need friends who do stuff like this.


Self-Designed (Desu-San-Desu)

Flat out indeed.


Collector (TerreHauteCadillacMan)

Would you ever get as many Cadillac tattoos as you have Cadillacs?


Pit Stop (AndrewTography)

I want a story behind this one.


Touching Tribute (wagonwheels)

It’s like a different kind of family heirloom.


Jeep Moab Man (Rottwheeler)

An awesome combination of passions!

Weekends at Jalopnik. Managing editor at A Girl's Guide to Cars. Lead IndyCar writer and assistant editor at Frontstretch. Novelist. Motorsport fanatic.

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List is incomplete without the guy that tattooed an alternator on his arm thinking it was a turbocharger