Search deep enough into some of more Detroit's blighted areas and you won't find wild dogs or cats, but actually old boats.


Abandoning boats in Detroit is not a new problem; I swear I've seen this report crop up every few years or so. What isn't in place is a type of recycling system to properly dispose of the engine, fluids, tanks and other boat parts.

A bit of explaining is needed: You're not going to come to Detroit and just see boats all over the place. This report focuses solely on Brightmoor, a westside neighborhood that's had a rep for as long as I've been alive.

However, the resident hints at something that's been whispered about for years here: You have to "have money" to have a boat, she says. That points to the long-standing accusation that wealthier Metro Detroiters in the suburbs consistently use Detroit as a dumping ground, which is something that needs to be addressed as we head into an election tomorrow.


[Via WXYZ's YouTube account]

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