These Are The Car Trends You Hate The Most

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Everyone gets annoyed. We all have things that just rub us the wrong way. Last week, I asked y’all what car trends really grind your gears, and you delivered. I should have been surprised to see how many of you were absolutely positively passionate about things that should never ever be on a car—but I gotta say, the responses? Incredible.


I’ve put together a list of your best ones. But if there’s any that you think I missed or any that you didn’t get off your chest yet, then please unload in the comments.

Lights On Lights Off (marshknute)

Automatic lights are the way to go.

Truck Butt (wkiernan)

This is one we can all relate to.

Dark As Night (AndrewBermuda)

Honestly, what’s the point???


Hashtag Blessed (Tomas-BeginningToLikePerformanceSUVs)

Who really needs to see, anyway?


Channel That Back In! (Rust is character)

Alternatively: you could crack a window.


Overcompensation (GasMan)

As the owner of a tiny vehicle, I wholeheartedly relate.


Happy Families (TheDriveress)

It’s a great way to advertise the kids you want someone else to steal.


Bad Badge (AudiB5Hawaii)

Is it supposed to be an inside joke?


Bad Posture (Stang70Fastback)

I’m sure their mechanics love them.


Better Sorry Than Safe (madtube)

Where’s the fun in driving if the car controls everything for you?


An iPad For The Dashboard (drewcosby)

These are the worst when I’m driving at night.


Air-Cooled Nothing (Darwin Brandis)

The driver is really the only thing feeling cool in this scenario.


Spin Me Right Round (Braking-Dad)

How is this even efficient????


Bumper Car Chic (B_Rad)

Why do people love things that are absolutely pointless.


Just Like A Train (You know, for kids)

I always wanted to be a conductor, too. I did not want that for my everyday vehicle.


Pointless Features (themousethatroared)

But it looks cool.


In The Danger Zone (gmporschenut)

Thanks for ruining my day with your terrible decisions.


It’s Not Leg Day (ridered777)

Why do you want your truck to look like it’s pooping?

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Johnny Utah

This should just be titled “A List of Things About Other People’s Cars I Don’t Like Therefore They Shouldn’t Exist, Even if They Don’t Really Inconvenience Me All That Much. These, for the most part, aren’t even trends, just pet peeves that people get butt-hurt over.

The first dude whining about SUVs and not being able to see around them. Dude, how far up on the ass of the car in front of you that it takes up your entire peripheral view? Maybe it’s you that needs to adjust your driving style and not worry about what others’ choose to drive. Would save you some headache and unnecessary worrying, Captain Planet.