Tell Us The Car Trend You've Hated The Most

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You know the feeling. Maybe you’re driving, maybe you’re checking out an auto show, or maybe you’re just following what happens in the car world—and then you see it. That thing. That one particular thing about cars these days that makes you immediately say “ugh” and want to turn to the nearest person to let them know how terrible you think it is that so many cars have [insert terrible trend here].

Trends come and go, but there are always some that really grind our gears. I want to know what those trends are. Tell me all the dumb things you see automakers or car fans doing to these precious vehicles that you wish they would just stop. Tell me the stuff that’s been eating away at you for years.

I personally am not a fan of Very Big Vehicles. To all the people who jack up their already-jacked-up pickup trucks: who hurt you? Why do you want a car so tall that you have to rappel yourself into the cab like Batman every time you have to pick up some groceries? Why was it a competition in my hometown to see who could make their truck the loudest, tallest, widest beast on the road? What are you trying to prove?


Consider this your therapy session. Get it all off your chest. I’m not going to judge you—this is your time to unload all those pet peeves.