These Are The Absolute Worst Places Your Car Has Died

“That was the good spot. It actually died around the corner from there.” — Car owner Raphael Orlove
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Having your car die on you is a pretty major inconvenience. Having it die in a place where it’s nightmarishly difficult to pull over or fix it is even worse. Quite a few of you have had this happen. I’m so sorry.

Last week, I asked you guys for the worst places that your car has broken down.


Did it die on a bridge? In a tunnel? In the middle of a field?

Let’s find out.

Hurrah (SmugAardvark)

Nothing bad ever came out of jumping a car.

Cheesecake Factory (Vin)

Sorry about that, man.


Locked Out (Yamidan)

At least you got back in.


No Phone (Hemostatstatstat)

This is ancient history stuff.


Australia (SilentButNotReallyDeadly)

I don’t think you’re selfish.


Murder Prevention (BionicPhil)

Good guy cop.


Frostbite (CunningStunter)

It was minor, though.


Party Time (CleverUsername)

Just not that type of party.


Jumping Bridge (OzarkTroutBum)

Sounds like fun.


Use The Snow (hadokenny)

Good on your for being aware of the environment.


I’ve Seen This Movie (BiffMagnetude)

Good God, man.


One Thing Led To Another (Bigger Putz)

Yeah, some trouble found you.


Friendship (User name tbd)

Glad you dropped that person!

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