There's A Tesla Model S Limo On eBay That's Currently Going For Less Than An Actual Model S

All images via eBay 
All images via eBay 

While Tesla CEO Elon Musk has been sending the Twitter masses to a weird voicemail and arguing with the rest, a California shop has been finishing a Model S limo conversion to sell. Bids are at less than the starting price of a regular-sized Model S, which sounds decent if you have extra garage space.

The eBay listing says this Model S limo was built for an “advertisement project” and that it only has 150 miles on it, which seems a little low seeing as a custom limo shop should probably want to test how the Laffy Taffy treatment went. Regardless, the ad says the limo started as a $100,000 Model S 85 from 2015, and the shop’s selling it as 90 percent complete—the buyer would have to pay an additional fee for the shop to finish it, according to the ad.

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The car also, evidently, isn’t under warranty.

But the eBay bids are at $65,100 as of Thursday afternoon, and the auction ends early on Monday. That’s almost $10,000 under the all-wheel-drive Model S 75D’s starting price, which sounds like an alright deal if you like electric cars and have a few kids you need to drive around—or a limo business, either way.

Autoblog found a Facebook post by the shop, Big Limos, saying the limo’s been in the works for two years “without any support from Tesla,” which makes us wonder how Elon feels about it all.

We’d text him to ask, but we’ve learned that he’s not the quickest at answering. (It’s been two whole days already, Elon. What did we do to you?)

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