A member over at NAGTROC made the mistake of modifying his Nissan GT-R engine while it was still under its temperamental warranty. So, when he then broke the cylinder block, he was completely screwed. How it happened, plus pictures, below.

If you'll remember, Nissan's already a bit finicky when it comes to the warranty on the GT-R. But once you start modifying the car in any way — that already-less-than-stellar warranty becomes about as useful as poison ivy when you're looking to wipe your ass.


You can read his description of what happened below and share your theory. For what's it's worth, he thinks he ran the wrong software for the fuel he was putting in his car in Lebanon:

after less than a month driving my GTR after my perfect gearbox rebuilt, i was cruising today on 3rd gear, then i decided to shift to second gear to overtake a car, i down shifted , car accelerates like a missile, then 1 k before cutoff i hear a uninterupted sound like trrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr coming from the engine, and some smoke going out of the engine, i look at the oil pressure and oil light in dash they are ok , i look in my rear view mirror and i see oil , i shift to neutral shut down the car and go to the side of the road to stop. i get down of the car open the engine from where smoke is going out, and i see all the oil under the car... at that point i was CONVINCED its an oil pipe that is broken, i called road service to get towed, go to the workshop, and... guess what............ broken cylinder block...... something seems to have broken on the crank, or piston or pushrods and made a big mess..the block is broken on both sides, i guess the broken part blew off left then right.. i was running on AP stage 2 97 version 2.0

the bad news:
- i got AP , Y pipe and 5zigen, car is already blacklisted and out of warranty :( :(
-new engine is 55,000 us$$$$!!!!!!!!!!!
-i'm really really pissed
-i hate nissan management!
-we don't know yet the extent of the damage inside the engine

the only good news:
unlike the GR6, nissan sells engine parts and not only complete assembly.. otherwise i would put fuel on the car and burn it in front of the nissan showroom

here is some pics, can anyone share any experience with the engine? any thoughts what could have happened? is there is any other cases with broken cylinders blocks???? i cant believe that the AP software upgrade could have blow off the engine.. these engines should support more than 70hp of upgraded power IMO

im in love with the gtr but i HATE nissan

For the record — the owner checked with a dealership and a new engine costs closer to $36K.

the fuel we have in lebanon is 98 octane RON while in the US its 93 AKI and not RON. when i downloaded the new AP software , i had to choose the country, and since my GTR is a US spec car, i choosed USJDM software and i ran on stage 2 97 octane software. the 97 octane of the US maps is AKI while i was running 98 octane RON. and 98 octane RON appears to be less than 93 octane AKI... timing settings should have been different... i should have stayed on version 1.08B



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