There's a Lego Bugatti Veyron hidden at Legoland

Lego are less a toy and more a medium for inspiration. The plastic masons behind Legoland Florida's Miniland were inspired enough by the shape and power of the Bugatti Veyron über-car, that they snuck a brick version into their miniature world for little gearheads and their parents to find.


A main attraction of Legoland is its tiny version of our big old world, complete with a minifig-sized White House, Eiffel Tower, and even a miniature golf course for "mini mini golf." The Lego maniacs who built it call it "Miniland."

While browsing this strange, brick-filled Miniland with his kids, longtime Jalopnik reader Chief Pontiaxe happened across something special hidden among the plastic brick golf carts: A lego Bugatti Veyron!

We're guessing it isn't worth the $1.6 million a regular Veyron costs, but the tiny Lego supercar looks right at home at a golf course and is an impressive facsimile given the size limitation, and, of course, the bricks available at such a "Mini" level.


It's time to get the kids to Legoland Florida and start the indoctrination now.

(Hat tip to Chief Pontiaxe!)

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