There Won't Be A New 'Beast' Limousine At Tomorrow's Inauguration After All

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So, you know how we’ve all seen pictures of the new Presidential Limo in its testing camouflage, and news reports have said that means we’d see the new “Beast” at the Inauguration of President Donald Trump tomorrow? Well, it’s not going to happen. No new Beast. Sad.


Trump will not be getting a new armored Cadillac limousine at his inauguration tomorrow, an industry source with knowledge of the situation told Jalopnik. The source did tell us that “it’s supposed to come later this year,” but that’s as much detail as that person could give, citing national security concerns.

Our source made clear that the new Beast is not delayed, and it’s not being held back for any specific reason or anything like that; it’s still on the same original schedule that was defined by the government’s procurement schedule. That seems to conflict with reports that indicated the new “Cadillac One” would show up at the inauguration.

So, we’ll just have to make do, as a nation, with the same eight-year-old limo we’ve been using since 2009. I mean, that’s still less than the average age of a car in America by a good three and a half years, so Future President Trump still has it pretty good.

Cadillac did not confirm or deny that the delay was due to a request that the Presidential Limo be re-painted gold, for what it’s worth.

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Oh, the Beast will be there. You can be sure of that.