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There May Be Prettier Cars Than This, But I Haven't Seen Them

(Image via Carfection/YouTube)
(Image via Carfection/YouTube)

Hard to help falling in love with the Eagle Speedster. Look at those lines. The details. The bulge! And with the incorrigibly English Charles Morgan at the wheel, forget it. I’m dead. Take me away. Just please, oh please let me ride an Eagle in heaven.


Morgan is, of course, a British car legend in his own right being the very same Morgan who helped build (and was eventually ousted from) the Morgan Motor Company after his father Peter founded it.

The car in this superbly pretty video should look familiar since it’s really more like an extensive restomod of the Jaguar E-Type than a completely new concept, even though it’s basically been re-engineered down to the last single screw.


You might have also seen the Eagle when another English presenter had his way with it a few years ago:

But Morgan’s such a better charmer than Jeremy Clarkson. And as such, we’re pretty well smitten with his take on the Eagle.

“There’s one thing about a convertible that I think makes it absolutely amazing,” Morgan muses. “And that is, of course, that in the right environment, you look fantastic driving one.”

He goes on to describe the Eagle as the best looking convertible period. High praise from a man who spent his life working on cars that basically never had roofs at all.


But far more impressive than Morgan’s accent or pocket square is the man’s encyclopedic knowledge of Jaguar E-Type history. The video’s nice enough to watch without sound, but the stories from Morgan and Eagle’s restoration boss really bring the car to life.

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Prettier car? Here ya go.