There Isn't A Single American Car On This 2020 List Of Vehicles People Keep For At Least 15 Years

Photo: Toyota

Once again our friends at iSeeCars, have crunched some data to find out which cars are likely to be kept for 15 years or more. This year’s list doesn’t look terribly different than the one from last year and is basically dominated by only two brands.

Once again the Toyota Highlander tops the list, but gone is the Prius that had the number two spot in 2019. From there it’s a fairly predictable list of other Toyotas, Hondas, and the Subaru Forester. Though it is a bit surprising to not see anything domestic like the Expedition or Suburban as those rigs have popped up on previous lists for higher mileage cars.


On the longest-kept SUV list, the Mitsubishi Outlander makes a surprise appearance in the number eight spot. Can you imagine keeping a 2005 Outlander for all this time? Look at this thing:

I suspect that perhaps some folks just now getting around to paying off their loan to Mitsubishi, given how often some Mitsu dealers are a bit notorious for rolling over negative equity into really long loans.

However, I do take a bit of an issue with the iSeeCars list of sports cars, as there are an awful lot of sporty sedans on this, and while many of them may be great performance cars, the sedan body pretty much disqualifies them as a “sports car.”


For more data including the pickup trucks that owners keep the longest see the full study at

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