There Is Not Enough Money On Earth To Buy This Low-Mile 2005 Ford GT

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When the Ford GT came out in 2005, Ford asked what seemed like an unthinkably-high $150,000 for the supercharged Ferrari-fighter. Lol. These cars have gotten so, so, so much more expensive since then.

As a barometer for the Most Famously Appreciative Car Of A Generation, let’s take a look at this 2005 Ford GT with 5,771 miles, silver over black like the No. 2 car that won Le Mans in 1966. The car, like all of these reborn Ford GTs, comes with a supercharged Ford 5.4-liter V8 good for 550 horsepower and 500 lb-ft of torque, a six-speed manual transmission and an ultra-stiff aluminum spaceframe. As legend goes, it was so strong that it broke the roof-crush machine designed to test it.


It’s one of the great cars of the Jalopnik Fantasy Garage, a 205 mph high point of the pre-Recession days.


It has two things going for it, as far as price is concerned. First, it’s a Ford GT, and the car buying public loves to appreciate this car like it was a forgotten gem, and it’s not hard to find them going for not-quite-a-third of a million dollars. Second, it’s being listed not at a fancy auction house where it shares room with Bugattis and Hispano-Suizas and the real upper crust of automobilia. It’s up at Bring a Trailer, probably the epicenter of the crazed Californian Air-Cooled Porsche Appreciation Vortex. BaT also recently sold a 2000 Honda Civic Si for $22,000, and it seems like anyone with a wad of cash and a fierce devotion to “driver’s cars” is willing do go nuts on the site.


I fully expect this particular Ford GT to go for approximately the same cost as the 466 billion, or roughly the GDP of Belgium.