We won't always know what a car will look like two years in advance. That's when speculative renderings and lots of Photoshop action based on gossip and spy photos comes in handy, but more often than not these speculative renders have little relation to reality.

Here are the ten worse guesses from the motoring press:

10.) 2014 Chevrolet Corvette by AutoSpies

Cadillac Cien as a Corvette, anybody? I'm pretty sure that's not what David Carradine had in mind...

Suggested By: blackonblack, Photo Credit: AutoSpies

9.) 2015 Chevrolet Camaro by GM Authority

Pilotman strongly disagrees, and it's easy to see why:

It looks like some horrible aftermarket retro mod and then they drove it into a wall.

Suggested By: Pilotman, Photo Credit: GM Authority

8.) Mazda MX5 by Road & Track

That looks like an Opel getting busy with a Honda S2000, not a Miata. Try again!

Suggested By: J "oppo" Zeke, Photo Credit: Road & Track

7.) LaFerrari by Car and Driver

They were right about the F1-style nose (big deal after the F50 and the Enzo), but wrong about the rest. Ferrari kept it a secret until the very last moment.

Suggested By: StoneColdSteveUrkel, Photo Credit: Car and Driver

6.) Lotus Elise by Auto Express

No Bahar in sight yet, and a V10 in the middle. So what was wrong with it? Listen to RXEight:

And what makes it even worse is that it is a photoshop off of a hot wheels concept done with Lotus.

Well, it turned out to be vaporware anyway.

Suggested By: RXEight , Photo Credit: Auto Express

5.) Ferrari 458 Italia by Car

It looks like a badly executed Chinese Ferrari copy, and that says it all.

Suggested By: ATSR, Photo Credit: Car Magazine

4.) McLaren P1 by Car

This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

Way off, so that Frank Stephenson could surprise us all.

Suggested By: jaimm, Photo Credit: Car Magazine

3.) Mercedes GLG by Auto Bild

Thanks to philaDLJ, we were quick to point out how lazy they were over at Auto Bild.
On the other hand, Mercedes and Land Rover making a SUV together would be rather interesting...

Suggested By: philaDLJ, Photo Credit: Auto Bild

2.) Honda NSX by Auto Express

The artist clearly haven't seen a Honda NSX before. Let me help.

Suggested By: Fl1ngstam=Flingstam, Photo Credit: Auto Express

1.) Chevy Volt by General Motors

So, GM built a fake concept just to confuse us all. ATX211 reminded us about the ultimate mind fuck:

They actually advertised this car during the SuperBowl before pulling the rug out from under it, and revealing the Prius's kissing cousin.

Naturally, the final product looks much less exciting.

Suggested By: ATX211, Photo Credit: General Motors

UPDATE: The Mustang one didn't seem quite fair since the car isn't out. While we think the actual car won't have those proportions, we can't for sure say it'll be inaccurate so we replaced it with the Corvette which, obviously, was.


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Photo Credit: General Motors/Jalopnik