The world’s worst custom car can be yours for $71,000

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It's been about a year since we last spotted the "Dragon Vette," a customized Corvette so hideous we dubbed it "The World's Worst Custom Car." Now the owner is looking to sell it for just $71,000. Someone needs to buy it just to put it out of it's misery.


It's clear the Canadian owner of this monstrosity has embraced the notoriety we gave it, advertising his 2006 as "DRAGON Corvette! — ONE of ONE" and using the photos Jalopnik readers took of the horrifyingly hideous custom job. After giving car enthusiasts, art history majors and vo-tech shops seeking examples of how not to apply paint so much to work with, I'll let him say a few words:

Thanks to all who have given positive feedback and suggestions! I have used your advice and changed the look slightly from previous. I am currently restyling the dragon for even more fire breathing POWER!!!! Gone is the unsightly hood dragon that many have complained about and instead a STUNNING graphic portrayal of Apophis, serpent that chases Ra!

Sorry to those who I have been unable to meet to show my fire breather to, but it is currently in the garage changing out the dragon's blood with fresh fluids.

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Yes, sadly, the black tar with Dayglo-green livery and plastibrass hood-mounted serpent have been replaced with a more traditional red-and-black dragon scheme, albeit on top of the thick coat of spray-in pickup truck bedliner or whatever was used to give Dragon Vette the surface quality of Manuel Noriega's face.

That said, it does have a supercharger, so the owner's claims of Ferrari-beating performance may not be entirely false.

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Perhaps the seller could also throw in the dragon claws, although the most dangerous item in any of these photos may be whatever's in that cup.

Although we do sort of like the idea of getting this Corvette away from him before he makes it any worse, we're not of the opinion we should be rewarding this kind of behavior. Also, we shudder at the thought of what he might do with that $71,000.


Thanks to Gizmo45!


Spiegel - ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ - Hopes to post on oppos!

*goes to ebay*

*buys car*


*a couple of days later*

Me: Hey Steve! Got you something special.

Steve: What is it?

Me: I got you your very own customized corvette. It's beautiful and you know the ladies love a man in a 'vette.

Steve: Oh man! Thanks Spiegel I appreciate it, you are such a good friend.

Me: No Stevie Wonder, You're an awesome friend.