The VW Bulli Concept is the new Microbus

As previously reported, the VW Microbus Concept is returning, though this time called the VW Bulli. The new concept rolled out in Geneva, looking sorta similar to the original Microbus Concept from 2001, but far smaller.


Don't let the Bulli name confuse you, it's just another name for the Type 2. It's also been referred to as the VW Bus, Transporter, Kombi, Microvan, Hippie Van, Hippiemobile, and Cheechmobile depending on market and altered state. The Bulli concept drags itself out with a 85 kW electric motor slurping electrons from a 40 kWH Big Gulp of lithium-ion batteries. While 60 mph arrives 11 seconds after hitting the pedal, the theoretical Bulli could travel 180 miles on one charge.

Inside, there's two rows of bench seats and an iPad. And the seats can be folded flat just like in the original. The exterior mimics the old Microvan styling, but in these renderings not nearly as successfully as the 2001 Minibus concept, which did a better job of modernizing the cab-forward look.


That concept may have been one of the most popular of the decade, and made eminent sense for Volkswagen as a way to broaden its appeal while embracing its history. Of course, it was never built, with VW finally choosing to rebadge Chrysler minivans instead. If the Bulli isn't quite as brilliant, it's also appears more realistic, and this time VW may be setting expectations at a reachable level.

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