The Three Hours Of LeMelons Is The $300 Crapcan Dirt Race Of Your Dreams

GIF via Casual Swede

Get a dirt track cut into a field. Take $300 beaters and race them for 3 hours, or until they all fail. That’s the Three Hours of LeMelons, Canada’s take on the epic beater race. Holy crap, this looks like fun.

We’ve got the 24 Hours of LeMons down here in the States, but that runs at faster speeds on tarmac, and requires all kinds of fancy safety gear.


LeMelons isn’t quite that hardcore, keeping the slow cars running slow on far less grippy mud where even the most miserable, underpowered wrecks can enjoy getting gloriously sideways. It can still ruin your car, though, as one Audi team in particular found out mid-race.

Cars run hilarious, beater-worthy themes and “paint transfer happens” is their attitude on contact. You can even take passengers along!

It all starts off with an old-school Le Mans-style start, where competitors run to their cars. I daresay a few of them can run faster than their cars can drive.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to look up beaters on Kijiji.

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$300 CDN is about, what, $1.75 US and a Chipotle free burrito coupon?