The Ten Worst Car Show Fails Of All Time

The thing about irresponsible people showing off and crashing at car shows is that end up getting the event cancelled. That's not right.


The best case scenario is that only the driver's ego gets a direct hit. Hooning simply takes practice, but remember to limit that to an empty parking lot. Otherwise, you'll end up on YouTube, and possibly make it here as well.

Enjoy the wall of shame:

10.) The infamous Cars and Coffee Corvette drift

And in case you're wondering how it was from up close, mystfire was the lucky one who almost got run over:

Suggested By: Zuzax

9.) MR2 burnout wipes out VW

So many bros, so little IQ.

Suggested By: Kiwi_Commander

8.) Rolling Hummer

Somebody please explain to me what went on in his mind. Might be worth a full-length feature movie.

Suggested By: Who needs sway bars anyway


7.) RX-7 loses all its wheels

Losing one wheel means somebody made a mistake. Losing all four means you're an idiot.


Suggested By: Joe_Limon


6.) Massa and Alonso in a California

Fail during a PR event is the best sort of fail. It's called a gravel trap for a reason.


Suggested By: Vee-8


5.) Ghostriding goes wrong

Here's WRC world champion Petter Solberg showing off how ghostriding can go wrong at a demonstration event. You should never have to run after your car.


Suggested By: The Scrambler says it can be done


4.) Cobra wipes out

Even in kit car form, the Cobra is not for beginners. It's not okay, darling.

Suggested By: Nascarfan14


3.) Camaro tyre explodes

A quick burnout is a nice way to heat your tires and make you feel good about yourself. A too long one ruins your Camaro in front of your buddies. It's embarrassing.


Suggested By: 6cyl


2.) Ferrari outbrakes the podium

Car shows for the rich and famous are still car shows. This Ferrari might cost you millions of dollars, but the brakes are still far from being carbon ceramics.


Suggested By: Kerberos824


1.) Eddie Griffin kills an Enzo

There is such a thing as having too much car.

Suggested By: ProfeshionalRussian


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Photo Credit: the glory of Petter Solberg


Raphael Orlove

I love this lowrider one, too.