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This Is Why I'll Never Build A Kit Car

Here we see a guy driving a Se7en clone on a fantastic mountain road, wind on his helmet, driving nirvana before him. And then his front wheel falls off.


You see, I never would trust myself to build a kit car because I am sure I would finish the whole thing and realize I put the engine in upside down, mounted the body backwards, and didn't tighten the lug nuts enough. Every minute I'd be driving I'd be thinking of this guy, and wondering if a wheel would fall off in the middle of some high speed corner. Then I'd be thinking if I mounted the roll bar properly.

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Just wear your damn mask...

Ralph, don't use the guy with the good enough judgment to drive a fake Se7en on a cold and snowy day as your excuse not to build that sweet Hardcastle and McCormick clone you've always wanted.

Because Coyote.