Two things I really like are clever truck conversions and great food. Combine the two, and you get the best food trucks in the world. There's more to it than the Wienermobile.

Be careful, these images might make you feel very, very hungry.

10.) The Randy Radish

It's a red step van with green doors. What's the big deal? Not much, but I have to agree with MixItUp:

Vegan food trucks seem a little bit of an oxymoron to me. Nothing from a food truck should be particularly healthy, at least in my opinion.

Call us old fashioned. Still, nice van!

Suggested By: MixItUp, Photo Credit: The Randy Raddish

9.) The Angry Friar

Double deckers are used as restaurants all over the world, and it's easy to see why. They're not just stylish, but also very spacious inside, with proper tables on the upper deck. Open top versions like the Worldfair Food Truck are fantastic in summer!

Suggested By: K5ING, Photo Credit: The Angry Friar

8.) The Grillenium Falcon

Once again, this is not that weird, it's just as awesome as step vans can come. You've got grilled cheese, you've got Star Wars, you're happy.

Suggested By: phanham1, Photo Credit: seeannaru

7.) Fugu Truck

On one hand, Japanese puffer fish can be deadly poisonous. On the other, that's why it takes years to get a licence to sell Fugu. Do you trust the crew of this baby?

Suggested By: MAXIMUMVRM, Photo Credit: The Passionate Foodie and The Fugu Truck

6.) Giovanni's White Shrimp Truck

Giovanni started in 1993 operating out of a converted 1953 bread truck. Ed Hernandez from El Paso was the first customer who signed the van, and the rest is history...

TheDailyTurismo likes the place:

Gotta be Giovanni's Shrimp Truck on the island of Oahu in Hawaii. You'd swear you'll get hepatitis by just looking at the graffiti'd sides and ramshackle construction, but it is the best damn garlic shrimp plate you will ever have, ignoring future liver issues. It is usually parked on the north side of the island in the middle of nowhere and there is always a line.

Suggested By: TheDailyTurismo, Photo Credit: imgdive, Varin Tsai

5.) The Tamale Spaceship

You might think it's just another step van wire-wheeled to bare aluminum with some Mexican food, but it has a few surprises. This is the crew's uniform of chaos:

Suggested By: Brian Madigan, Photo Credit: swanksalot, induhloop

4.) The Del Popolo Pizza Truck

bigfatlip is correct, this has every right to be here:

The Del Popolo pizza truck is literally made from an old container truck, plus: it has a FRIGGIN PIZZA OVEN IN THE BACK!

The only way to keep it authentic!

Suggested By: bigfatlip, Photo Credit: Gary Soup, edwardhblake

3.) Space Shuttle Cafe

The Space Shuttle Cafe was converted from the fuselage of a Douglas DC-3. This is how they built it. Much cheaper than asking NASA.

Suggested By:manifold engines, wanting for time, Photo Credit: tkksummers

2.) The Wienermobile

Believe it or not, there's a food truck that's even better than the Wienermobile. But only one.

Suggested By: GR1M RACER : Wrong Most of the Time, Photo Credit: Getty Images

1.) Maximus Minimus

It's a rolling iron pig designed by Colin Reedy serving pulled pork sandwiches. Life doesn't get much better than this.

Suggested By:Stig-a-saw-us wrecks , Photo Credit: Ethan.K, Narrow Focal Point

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Photo Credit: Bob Roll "Wiener"