The Ten Preppiest Cars

Some luxury vehicles seem to attract the attention of young upper class men and women like a sale at LL Bean or a Michael McDonald concert. With your help, we've created a list of the ten preppiest cars.


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10.) Lincoln Town Car

Suggested by: zundefolge1342

Why It's Preppy: You don't expect me to drive do you? Ugh. If our dear Muffy is anybody, she probably lives in New York City and if she does, chances are she doesn't even own a car. I mean, no one drive in New York City (just kidding, the author does and hates it). Our dear girl has a driver that ferries her back and forth, to school, tennis practice or where ever she wants and daddy allows. She doesn't necessarily drive but can often be seen in a black town car.


Photo Credit: muni77


9.) Mini Cooper Convertible

Suggested by: Porschephile™

Why It's Preppy: Oh my god! It's so cute! She's just gotten her license and conveniently, it's her birthday as well. So what does the girl's father do? He buys her what she wants of course. The Mini Cooper, designed and manufactured by BMW, fits right in with the rest of the family vehicles and the convertible lets her blast up the coast (your choice), hair blowing in the wind.


Photo Credit: kenjonbro


8.) Jeep Grand Wagoneer

Suggested by: Turbo60640

Why It's Preppy: Grosse Pointe gets so miserable and snowy in the winter and the best way to safely shuttle the offspring of commodity trader's through the real world to the fake, expensive one is a Jeep Grand Wagoneer. One of the original 'Merican luxury vehicles, it set a precedent for capable vehicles wasted by never being used to their capabilities.


7.) Smart ForTwo

Suggested by: Franzouse

Why It's Preppy: Let's say Brighty does happen to live in New York City or any other large city and wants to drive a car. The Smart has everything she could ever want. It matches her purse and is about the same size too, it fits in just about any parking space, meaning she doesn't have to worry about finding parking on Madison Ave., and it's just oh so cute. Give the roof the ability to come off, maybe throw some Brabus badges on there, and you have a guaranteed sale.


6.) Mercedes-Benz CLK Cabriolet

Suggested by: Dominic Chan

Why It's Preppy: It's a gorgeous Sunday afternoon and you're cruising up PCH near Malibu. You look to your left and there's a young, pretty blonde in the driver seat of a CLK cabrio. That's Muffy's friend Francine, she lives in Malibu, attends Pepperdine, and drives a CLK. Her friends drive CLKs, too. You should try to get her number or give her yours. She would totally call you.


5.) Mercedes-Benz M-Class

Suggested by: fhrblig

Why It's Preppy: For thousands of years, parents have wanted to protect their children, probably. What better way to protect them than putting them in a massive SUV that will shield them in an accident and total the other vehicle. On top of this, The M in ML500 stands for Muffy! All of her friends fit comfortably in the car and they sure look good in it too. Why would anyone buy anything but a Mercedes-Benz.


4.) E46 BMW 3 series

Suggested by: Ash78 never wipes boogers above the urinal

Why It's Preppy: True story: In Los Angeles, one can count more BMWs in any given span of time than anything else. Now that mommy has gotten a new E90 3 series or something even better, the old yet well-maintained E46 330Ci is passed down to Biffy. She is now among the throngs of BMW drivers throughout Los Angeles. Biffy's parents are a bit more frugal than most, which is why her mother got the new E90 rather than her. No matter, because she's still happy to be puttering around in her Bimmer.


Photo Credit: Auto Clasico


3.) Golf Cabrio

Suggested by: KoblowskiTires

Why It's Preppy: 80's like synthesizers and cocaine, it had the same appeal as the BMW E30 'vert back in the day, for girls who liked to feel the air through their feathered hair after field hockey practice. Also good for making out with that one of the other girls from boarding school, but not in a Lesbian way, just for practice. lots of practice.


2.) Range Rover

Suggested by: nttilma

Why It's Preppy: The Range Rover is the hottest new accessory. Everybody has one. The Beckhams have several, Jennifer Aniston loves them, and Kate Beckinsale can be seen hitting the gym in hers. It would be a travesty if our dear Muffy were not allowed to have a Range Rover. How could she been seen out in anything but!


Photo Credit:


1.) Saab 900

Suggested by: GeistKoeing

Why It's Preppy: If you were to wander into the parking lot at Northwestern University in the 1980s — or really any college in a snowy climate — you're going to see the Saab 900. It's an easy equation: Snow + Preppies = Saab 900. It's so "quirky!"

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