Hidden deep in the options list, you could find manual transmissions for the most unlikely of cars.

10.) BMW 850i

BMW might have built a fantastic M8 to tease us forever, but most 8 Series coupes came with an automatic. Chris Perkins has dreams about a manual one:

I have inappropriate dreams of owning an 850csi with a 6 speed, but the running costs are of the "bankruptcy" variety.

Suggested By: e30s2k, Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

9.) Mazda 5

Since the Mazda 5 is based on the Mazda 3, a manual option is not that surprising, but it still makes this the only minivan available with a stick in the US.

Suggested By: iNvDrZiM, Photo Credit: Mazda

8.) Porsche Cayenne GTS

Porsche proved its sense of humor when it offered the last generation GTS with a stick. While the current GTS is automatic only, you can still get a three-pedal V6 Cayenne. Unlike with the GT3.

Suggested By: Thunder, Photo Credit: Art Bromage

7.) Lincoln LS

The Lincoln came with a clutch (as long as you went for the V6 model). It wasn't terrible either.

Suggested By: Kate's Dirty Sister, Photo Credit: Ryan Lackey

6.) Hummer H3

Off-road oriented SUVs might have a stick option, but we're talking about a freakin' Hummer here (the best Hummer). vorspiel:

That isn't all that unusual. Off-road oriented SUV's have a stick option a lot of times. The Wrangler (and Wrangler Unlimited), Xterra, and FJ Cruiser still come with sticks if wanted. You can also get Tacomas and Frontiers in stick as well.

Suggested By: idriveacartoolol, Photo Credit: Marcus Quigmire

5.) Mercedes-Benz S-Class

The S-Class is all about effortless luxury, right? Nope. This one was about being badass. maximum_sarge

My dad had an S-Class Mercedes with a manual transmission back in the 80's. It was a custom AMG 'show car' imported from Germany back when you could do such things. 540SE AMG wide body conversion, one of only a handful of four door wide bodies ever to exist...

Suggested By: maximum_sarge, Photo Credit: maximum_sarge

4.) Dodge Ram

The previous generation Ram was the last full-size pickup in America available with a manual. However, you can still get one with the Cummins diesel in the 3500 and the midsize Tacoma and upcoming Colorado.

Suggested By: RazoE, Photo Credit: Dodge

3.) Volkswagen Passat W8 4Motion

A 4.0 W8-powered all-wheel drive wagon with a manual. Guess how rare it is!

Suggested By: feather-throttle-not-hair, Photo Credit: VWVortex

2.) Cortez Motorhome

Before GMC came out with there version, Cortez offered a front-wheel drive motorhome with a manual transmission. Sounds like an adventure already!

Suggested By: Brian, The Life of, Photo Credit: thestreetpeep.com

1.) Chevrolet Astro

It wasn't only a few special K-Cars and Dodge Caravans hiding sticks in the cabin, but Chevy Astro minivans too, with Ford's offerings being not far behind.

Jalopnik approved family cars.

Suggested By: Michael Tyler, Photo Credit: Michael Spiller

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